Fried chicken, bacon, key lime pie, it can be difficult to keep the weight off when you move to Georgia. Georgia is known for its Southern charm, and that means eating plenty of good food. If you aren’t careful and don’t start a workout plan, you are going to start gaining weight.

Georgia has a high rate of obesity, and it is easy to see why. The food is amazing and there is lots of it. Social events revolve around food as well so whenever you are at a gathering, there is always going to be food. If you don’t eat, it is considered rude.

If you are moving to Georgia from another state, you might be shocked when you start to experience the food culture for yourself and once the scale starts to rise, you are going to want to get yourself on a workout plan right away. Walking is a great way to get started.

Walk early in the morning or late in the evening when it isn’t too hot outside. Start off slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed and gradually increase the distance you walk until you can walk three or four miles a day. Using a fitness tracker or phone app that tracks how far and how fast you walk can be really helpful because they allow you to keep track of your progress.

Control the amount of cardio that you get by varying the speed of your walk. You can also give yourself a great cardio boost by choosing to walk somewhere that has some hills. Changing the incline of the walk is going to help you build muscle strength and it will make you work your body harder.

Walking is good for your body no matter what kind of shape you are in and you can easily adjust the intensity of your workout by walking faster or slower and if you do enough walking you will lose weight. Walking doesn’t place any stress on your knees and it gives you a powerful workout.

Walking is free and it also allows you to connect with your neighbors in Georgia. People who live in Georgia are friendly and you will see what is happening in your neighborhood when you spend time walking. You might even make some new friends. Walking is one of the best ways to get the weight off.